Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Once again time for another exciting update!!!

I hope that all my loyal ~readers had a merry Christmas, just as I did, mine however, was mostly spent sucking off voodoo reasoning ~jigaboos down at the local home-less shelter...Oh how I love the [salty] taste of a Negro's load on my refined palette.

As usual, I also made the yearly trip to my ~whore of a mothers house, in the beautiful ghetto of Toronto--where mommy supports herself by sucking off ~Mexican immigrants for a paltry sum of money, but none the less, it provides enough income for her day to day needs, with enough left over for her occasional crack cocaine binge.

Also, I have come realize that I am quite lonely, and most recently, made the decision ~to seek out my soul mate through means of an on-line dating being my site of choice, as it appears to have an infinite number of gay souls ~like myself, who are seeking out their ideal life-partner.

Well, I really must say good-bye for now, as it is necessary for me to go and primp for my first date ~with a man I met through I must admit that while I am a bit nervous ~I can't help but feel a warm and tingly sensation down in my nether regions as I anticipate the warm embrace I will [hopefully] receive from my suitor.

Wish me luck

Your [flaming] hero

Karol ~VE7KFM
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